Kitchen Health Hazards: How to Avoid

Living in Doha and Dubai maids are easy to find and cheap to hire, but is your maid in Dubai or Doha doing a good job of cleaning your house? Now that is question that requires some considerations.

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Tea Towels and Dish Cloth need to be washed daily

Need for Kitchen Hygiene: Doha and Dubai Maids

Doha and Dubai are hot and humid places and this means that germs spread and grow more rapidly than in colder climates. Also, there are different types of germs than you would hope to encounter at home. So, people who are not natives of the area have to be more careful about their health and hygiene as there are many bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that may not be present in your home country.

When the cleanliness and hygiene of a home are compromised, people fall sick more often. This means unnecessary expenses for health care and also the loss of work days. Moreover, who likes to be sick all the time? The place where most germs breed are not the toilets, but the kitchen. It may be surprising to some of you, but it is absolutely true.

Think about it, bacteria love food and organic matter. Where there is food there is bound to be bacteria. Some of these are of course, good for our health, but others can cause illness. So keeping the kitchen clean and hygienic is the key to having a disease-free home.

How to Maintain Kitchen Hygiene: Doha and Dubai Maids

There are a few places in any kitchen that are the most conducive for bacteria growth. If you tackle these well, your kitchen should be a clean and healthy kitchen.

Counter Tops and surfaces

Contrary to what we believe, the kitchen counter top can be extremely filthy. Everyone in the family and your maid, touch it. Most of the food that you cook, eat or bring into the house, ends up on that kitchen counter. This means that it is in constant contact with germs that can easily transfer to your food. So clean the counter top before cooking every meal. Use hot soapy water to wipe the counter clean before you start cooking.

Sponges and Dish Cloth

All of us use sponges and clothes in the kitchen to wipe and dry things in the kitchen. The questions is, how often do you change these or clean these? People often fail to pay attention to the tea-cloth, dish-cloth and sponges. Actually, they need more attention than anything else in the kitchen. They are the filthiest things in any kitchen. They pick up all the filth in the kitchen and become a great breeding ground for bacteria and germs. So, clean your sponges, etc. every day. Change them regularly. A good way to ensure that your sponges and tea clothes are clean and germ-free is to wash them in hot water and dry them out in the sun. Or, you could put it in the microwave for 3 minutes on high to kill all the germs.

Sink and Drains

The kitchen sink can be filthy too. Clean it daily with hot water and soap and then use bleach to disinfect it. You can give the bleach treatment once a week. The drains too need to be cleaned similarly.

These are the three most important things to clean in the kitchen. There are other things too that need attention. These include – cutting boards, knives, raw food, left overs and dustbins.

Keep these clean and you should have a hygienic kitchen. teach your Doha and Dubai maids these tricks so she keeps your home clean.