Keeping a House Clean With Kids

Anyone who has raised kids knows what a task it is to keep the house clean. It is easy to find maids in Dubai so a bit easier here, but if you cannot afford a maid then you are in for a long and often losing battle ahead of you. But, for smart parents here are some tips and tricks that will keep the house cleaning woes to a minimum. So here it goes:

Designate a space for play:

Do not let your kids rule the house. Designate a space where they can play and make as much mess as they want. All the area outside is out of bounds. Now some will say this is easier said than done, but enforcing rules with kids is a food way to teach them how to respect and follow rules later in their lives. So, for babies and toddlers, create a fenced in area where they can safely stay and play. For older children make sure they understand the rules and do not be scared to punish if the rules are not followed so the week end outing does not happen if rules are broken.

Store Things in Proper Place:

Make sure everything in your house has a place to live. This makes it easier to use and put back stuff. Everyone including your maid in Dubai and you children know where which thing lives and should put them in their proper space. If toys and games re lying around they get confiscated and should only be returned if the child fulfills certain chores or follows the rules.

Remove the old and the broken:

Do not hang on to toys and things that are past their prime, no longer in favor with your child or are torn or broken or which your child has outgrown. These things should be either thrown or given away. As you get new things and toys for your children the amount of space they need for storage also increases, if you hang on to the old then you will soon have no space for the new or the toys will be all over the house.

Let the children help in cleaning:

This is one of the most effective ways of teaching your children to be tidy and organized. Any child who can walk and pick up things, can be entrusted some task of cleaning. Start with encouraging them to pick up their toys and keeping them back in place and graduate to other things like games, books, shoes, clothes and then on to other things in the house. Let them lend a hand with dusting or vacuuming when they are old enough.

Make cleaning a fun activity:

Cleaning can be made fun by making it a family thing. Add in a bit of singing and dancing to make it fun for all. Also, plan a treat at the end of a cleaning spree to award yourself and your children. A favorite dish, a dash to the ice-cream shop or just watching a favorite TV show with popcorn should do the trick.

So, now even if you do not have money to hire maids in Dubai, you can still ensure that your house looks tidy and clean.