Frequently Asked Questions

doha and dubai maids

How can I book a Maid?

You can book a maid by contacting us on phone, through email or through our website. Please check the contact page for our details.

What work can I ask the maid to do?

Most maids will come and clean your house, toilets, and kitchen. If you wish they will also take care of the washing up in the kitchen and the laundry. If you need a maid for purposes other than these jobs, then contact us we will be happy to provide you with the additional information.

Can my maid speak English?

Most maids are immigrants but can speak some English so they can understand you and perform the job properly. If you wish to have a maid who can communicate well in English, mention it while booking your maid and we will send you someone who speaks English well.

From where do these maids come?

Most of the maids come from countries like Bangladesh, Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, etc.

Will the maid be punctual and perform her duties properly?

Our maids are trained to be punctual. They will be there at the requested time unless an unforeseen event prevents them. If your maid doesn’t arrive on time, inform us and we will send you another as soon as possible.

How do I know your maid is reliable?

We run a thorough background check on all our employees. They have to go through a police verification and must have a work visa to work in Doha and Dubai. We also check out the references and work history provided by the person before we issue them ID cards and uniforms of DohaMaids.

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